Inferno Coffee Company is based out of Edmonton, AB, Canada. We started this company to help share our great tasting coffee with the world and promote our true love and passion for this amazing beverage.

Inferno was founded on the principle that “fresh” roasted coffee marketed by big name brands is not as it seems. Beans are typically mass produced, preserved, and then sit on shelves for months on end, if not longer. Coffee is a perishable product; when a coffee bean is roasted, it will usually stay fresh for about 2 weeks before it starts to become stale. Big name brands will mass produce beans that lack not only in quality and freshness, but in health benefits as well. This is where the idea to bring small batch, freshly roasted coffee to the First Responder community began.

Small batch roasting is a technique that ensures that each batch of coffee is roasted evenly to the desired roast profile, resulting in superior quality. This process draws out the best possible flavor in each batch. Small batch roasting permits a higher quality of standards throughout the process: from picking out the correct coffee beans, to choosing the correct charge & drop temperature, to slowly roasting each batch to perfection. We can assure you that you will never find a company so dedicated to bringing you the finest & freshest coffees from all over the world.

Inferno Coffee is also dedicated to raising money and awareness for PTSD related charities. The founder, a firefighter himself, has seen first hand the effects that post traumatic stress can have on an individual, and the toll that it can take on that person's loved ones. Through Inferno, we hope to help bring this disease to light and create a community that will guarantee no one will ever suffer alone.

Although Inferno was founded with the goal to provide freshly roasted coffee to the First Responder community, Inferno’s recognition and reputation has spread to coffee lovers all over Edmonton and Calgary, while also reaching the eastern and western coasts of Canada.



Steve came into Inferno Coffee in a very unorthodox way. A firefighter by trade, he became very familiar with coffee during his probationary year. As a “probie”, he had three main jobs in the firehall: answer the phone, answer the door, and always make sure a fresh pot of coffee was brewing.

He quickly began to realize that coffee and firefighters go hand in hand. Every fire station had a fresh pot of coffee brewing, but “fresh” never really meant that the coffee was actually fresh; thus Inferno Coffee was born. To Steve, the perfect fire hall coffee experience would consist of small batch, freshly roasted beans that would be perfect for the First Responder community. With countless health benefits, true freshly roasted coffee could be used to support the health and well being of those keeping the general public safe. Inferno has since become a prominent coffee company in the Edmonton area that is known for superior quality and taste.



Ryan joined Inferno Coffee this year as a part of Inferno’s growth into the City of Calgary. Ryan’s passion for coffee began many years ago while working in Alberta’s oil field. As a technician working all sorts of hours, a good cup of java was crucial to staying alert and focused. The problem was that all the coffee available wasn’t actually good coffee. Whether it was pod coffee, drive thru coffee, or pre-ground, every cup was left wanting. That’s when Ryan started looking into what real fresh coffee was, and how important it was to roast and grind coffee fresh for each brew. When Inferno began to expand into Calgary, it was only natural for Ryan to come on board!



Victoria is our newest addition and will be assuming the role of Inferno’s Chief Marketing Officer.

As a jack of all trades with two jobs and training, early mornings, late nights, and long days are nothing new for Victoria. Once a varsity swimmer, after experiencing a career ending injury she took to passing on her knowledge as a coach. Victoria is a natural born leader who truly cares about the community and the people around her. It was very clear early into her first meeting that she would make the perfect addition to the Inferno team.

Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge surrounding balance and lifestyle choices. She is the kind of person that would rather be busy, and while that means happily juggling work, training, as well as her social and personal life, she understands that finding her own balance is key to her happiness and success.